Baked Apple

A sweet and juicy butter baked apple, delicately blended with cinnamon and brown sugar

Custard Tart

A rich and creamy vanilla custard, wrapped in a crisp buttery pastry

Eton Mess

Sticky broken meringue mixed with whipped cream, fresh raspberry, ripe strawberry and tart blackberry

Hot Cross Bun

A spiced and glazed bun filled with citrus soaked currants

Fruit Fool

Juicy apple and succulent pear balanced with ripe banana and fresh orange, with a medley of summer fruits, folded in rich cream


Rich creamy butter delicately blended with mint

Upside Down Cake

Juicy pineapple soaked through a light fluffy cake base

Tester Pack

Not sure which Cotton & Cable flavour to start with? Try all seven original dessert flavours at once with our tester pack.

Liquorice Allsorts

Simply irresistable, a delicious blend of fruit, coconut and liquorice

Just because it’s super cold outside, doesn’t mean we can’t fill your tanks with the totally tropical flavours of summer. Our fruits range are refreshing, juicy and light - and mouth-wateringly amazing 🤤
Our Custard Tart is delicious. With rich and creamy vanilla, wrapped in a crisp buttery pastry, it’ll melt on your tongue. The perfect comfort vape any time of day.
‼️Unpaid Advertising ‼️ Today can only be described as a dreech day in Scotland so to cheer me up I'm on @cottonandcable Cucumber, Lime and Mint an awesome refreshing flavour that will brighten up anyones day
Paired ...
Our fruits range is so juicy, you might think you're eating a real fruit salad. Why not start with Orange Guava Grapefruit? It's an incredible medley of flavours that will you have dribbling for more 🤤
How do you fancy some sticky broken meringue mixed with rich whipped cream and fresh raspberries, ripe strawberries and tart blackberries? Our Eton Mess is the vape of dreams - these flavours will literally melt on your tongue.
Fruit Fool is your ultimate mouth-watering fruit salad, all folded in to rich, rich, rich cream 🤤 🤤 Just think juicy apple, succulent pear, ripe banana and fresh orange all mixed together with summer fruits 😎
Baked Apple is a Cotton & Cable classic - brimming with tones of sweet and juicy butter baked apple, cinnamon and brown sugar - you won't know which flavour you'll taste first! 🍎 🍎 🍏 🍏
Cantaloupe Mango Papaya - a mouth-watering juice for miserable rainy days ☔️☔️☔️☔️ - it’s juicy, sweet and amazing, and just one of our incredible new fruit line up.