"There's Cotton and Cable and then there is everyone else."


“I have tried well over 100 custards if not more, with 100% certainty this is the most authentic custard flavour liquid EVER to hit the market.”

“Get one of every bottle, one of the nicest ranges I have ever tried” 

“If you are a dessert fan this is the stuff that you want to be buying on a regular basis” 

"Eton Mess is about the best juice I have tasted!! It is like it’s just been made by someone like Gordon Ramsay or one of the Roux brothers!!”

"I have tasted the tears of GOD!!! Eton Mess by Cotton and Cable!!

If I had to save one thing from a burning house….this would be it. Never mind the phone or the dog…this!

To say it’s packed with flavour is like saying that the Grand Canyon is a small hole. It’s just uber burst in the mouth you ARE eating Eton Mess.  I had to beg to buy a bottle on the promise that I’d let it steep another couple of weeks….that’s gonna be a hard promise to keep!! It really is all that and a bag of chips!!

Get some…you’ll thank me!!"



Watch YouTuber's Calm Vapors Reviews & Coilmaster Dom tell you what they thought of Cotton & Cable's unique blends!

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